Analysing, Building & Managing offers to producers or importer exclusively for italian territory a complete range of services to open and to manage its own e-commerce, B2C or B2B.


We analyze both Italian and foreign markets of your product in order to evaluate real demand and create a web marketing strategy as a base for the whole e-commerce project.


Our team will follow each technical detail of the project: from graphics to payment, from stock management to administration and income, always searching for maximum sharing of the IT system of the company. 

MANAGING staff shall offer a complete out-sourcing management (warehouse-sales-after sale service-web marketing) or a partial one, always open to changes according to e-commerce growth.


Decennial experience in buy and manage e-commerce and site on different ways let srl to born. was born to offer to producers a really global solution for using this new selling tool.

Buy. it is able to offer to firms all technical and logistic acknowledges in order to realise all steps for building and managing its own site. 

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