Identification of Market Keys

After a preliminary analysis we shall give all required information in order to create a business plan and build a development model in internet world together with employees. It is necessary to verify whether the company, due to its own nature and thank to dealt categories in knowledge of commodities, is good for a quick development in e-commerce.

It is also important remarking that not all producers may have convenience in operating directly on the market (or through tools such as In some cases the products have not quite the right features; in others a too generic system cannot help the products in their own development. proposals are the following:

> Management Involving

This is the most important part. Often, in big companies as well, leaders are not enough involved in the project and this situation prevents good results from happening. creates a starting condition before coming into the company partnership: involving one or more people from company marketing section in the project. A necessary condition, but not enough. The whole company must believe in the project and develop ideas together.

> Offer of Right Product for E-commerce

The offer of online product has to be competitive with traditional tools, both for service quality and for costs. Particularly in italian market buying from Internet is considered by the customer more as an opportunity for saving than a special service.

> Technology Competence

This element is a key aspect of our offer. As a matter of fact proposes to its customers a global technology support, needed to create, develop and manage the e-commerce section.

> A Right Management of Advertising

The hardest task is no doubt gaining visibility and attracting a consistent (and more and more growing) number of contacts and customers: the requirements for dealing with this matter are different from the ones used to promote activities in traditional offline business.


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