Marketing tools staff set and optimize communication tools differently for each customer, using his own knowledge about graphics, commerce and trade-marketing of a specific field of retail and usability, together with network of customers.

> Banner

Building a banner is one of our tasks. We are able to create the best solution according to the different context where it has to be. It is thus possible not to exasperate visibility, as often happens, while trying to get the best result in CTR (report of click/visits)

> Newsletter

Periodically, according the to kind of product, our staff reaches website “comunity” through messages, presenting offers, new items, promotions, and so on. The system will inform in real time about redemption of its own initiative, not only as an economic result (sale); it will also track and register the addresses according to their behaviour (only received/read/click/bought).

> Affiliation

Affiliation Program is useful for creating and managing a net sales where affiliate are “common” commercial agents. Our project features an extremely modern function for managing the affiliated sites, analysing their own results and trying to reduce costs.

> Search Engine

The program structure of our web has been studied with the same criteria used by search engines for automatic index of words. Continuous changes in criteria used by engines force us to keep our project up-to-date.

> Profile

Knowing web behaviours, tastes, origin and sex of our customers help us in optimizing different marketing initiatives, thus allowing customers viewing only updated online data.


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